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Relationships With Others

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Worrying About the Future

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Striving to Be Good Enough

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Worry and fear does not have to be a way of life!

About Ginny Priz

Christian Speaker & Life Coach

Are you living life with your game-face on, trying to look like you everything all together, but you're not telling anyone how BROKEN you feel inside.

Are you afraid of what other people will think of your feelings or your choices? Do you worry about hurting other people?

Do you tell yourself things like, I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm too emotional, What I say isn't important anyway, I'm too broken and I can't be fixed?

What if I told you, what you're suffering from is not an ability crisis, but an identity crisis? You're trying to fit yourself into the mold this world idolizes and you just have yet to embrace the priceless daughter of the Lord that God created you to be.

When you finally see yourself the way God sees you, your whole life can change. There is HOPE! You can experience the joy and the peace that your heart is seeking when you trust in the Lord and embrace your identity in Christ.

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