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Tired of drama and self-doubt? Discover how coaching can help.


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What is Life Coaching?

As a life coach, my job is to is help you get from where you are to where you want to be with weekly one-on-one meetings over the phone or over Skype/FaceTime.Counselors help you process what’s happened in the past, but as a coach, I’m trained on helping you move forward to work past the fear and achieving your goals – whether that’s starting a new business or finally seeing yourself as God sees you (or anything in between).

If you don’t know where you want to be, well, I can help you figure that out too! Our coaching sessions are always structured to help you:

  • Bring awareness to the area you want to change
  • Discover a clear, ideal end-result
  • Help you decide on the best strategy to proceed
  • Break that strategy down into bite-sized action steps for each week
  • Receive encouragement every step of the way
  • Keep accountability to your goals on a regular basis


What is Serenity Coaching?

Serenity Coaching is essentially life coaching, but I zero in with additional tools to help you ditch fear and other emotions keeping you from embracing your identity in Christ, so that you can be free to achieve your goals and walk in God’s will for your life. Basically: trust God and ditch the drama!As a coach, I will help you clarify who God made you to be, how to trust Him with your relationships, You’ll experience greater peace in your mind, in your relationships,

Through one-on-one sessions, my goal is to guide, support and motivate you to find your voice, live in freedom, and create the life you are searching for.


You can benefit from 1:1 Serenity Coaching if you experience any of the following:

  • Feeling stuck because of fear or worry
  • Tired of taking care of friends and/or family all the time
  • Angry outbursts at loved ones
  • Not feeling good enough
  • Difficulty standing up for yourself

The results pay for themselves in greater peace and joy and closer relationships!



Serenity Coaching can help you:

  • Learn to embrace joy as you navigate life’s challenges
  • Claim your courage as you build you identity in Christ
  • Deepen your relationship with God
  • Build confidence as you discover how to build healthy boundaries


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