My Serenity Journal





This journal is the perfect addition to your journey towards serenity! This 160 page journal includes:

  • An introduction to the Serenity Prayer and how you can apply it every day to increase your serenity.
  • Daily entries with guided questions (You fill in the date – start and pick up at your own pace.)
  • Free-space pages to write out whatever is on your heart.
  • Biblical quotes to keep life in perspective
  • Quotes from Ginny Priz to keep you motivated
  • A special blessing to get your journey off on the right foot with the Lord!

You’ll stay focused and receive positive reinforcement along your journey. Discover and nurture your serenity, courage and wisdom on a daily basis. Whether you are taking your first-step and not sure where to start, or you are an experienced serenity seeker looking for more tools, this journal is a great addition to your collection of tools.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × 1 in


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