Saying Yes to God

There are moments in life when the right words come along just when you need them. Some people call these divine appointments or coincidence (I think there is room for both in life). Whatever you call them, these moments are powerful – going straight to the heart. This week, I was reminded just how powerful the right words can be.

Words can open your mind to a new perspective. The right social media image or the right song can brighten your mood for the rest of the day. Yesterday, the right words struck me in just the spot where my heart was hurting.

I am in a season of life where time is a precious commodity. It seems every moment is filled with a task or meeting or (eek!) homework. Every moment is meaningful, preparing me and propelling me forward (hopefully!) into a new business. Moments of fun and relaxation are scheduled and enjoyed, but they are far less frequent than I’d like.

With this task oriented schedule, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and see value only in the tasks themselves. Performance and works become the focus.

That’s where I was headed when I landed on a great reminder in the form of a blog in my facebook newsfeed.

I could try to explain the beauty of the imagery I experienced, but I think I’ll let Lysa TerKeurst’s words speak for themselves.

This is the way God wants me to dance through life:

Though I can’t physically see Him, my soul pictures Him so clearly. In my mind’s eye He is there. The touch of His gaze wraps about me, comforts me, assures me, and makes the world seem strangely dim.

As long as my gaze is locked on His, I dance and He smiles.

The fear and anxiety go away. The snickers and jeers of others fade into the distance. And even my own stumbling doesn’t cause the same feelings of defeat.

My steps so often betray the desire of my heart, but it is not my perfect performance that captures His attention. Rather, it is my complete dependence on Him that He notices.

He then whispers, “Hold on to Me and what I say about you. For My words are the truth of who you are and the essence of what you were created to be.”

I imagine Him pausing and, with tears in His eyes and a crack in His voice, He adds, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

His truth frees you from the chains of fear, doubt and despair. His truth frees me from feeling unable and inadequate. His truth washes over me as I whisper, “I want to be a woman who says yes to God.”

And in that moment, with my eyes locked on His, I am.

Dear Lord, I want to hold onto You and what You say about me. Continue to show me Your truth today as I pursue You above all else. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Here is Lysa TerKeurst’s full article.

Today, lock your eyes on God’s.

Say “yes” to how God sees you – Beautiful and Enough. Say “yes” to the plans He has for you – they are Worthy and Glorious.

Say “yes” to the changes He is stirring in your heart.


Today, I say YES, God. I say YES to the things I cannot change, and I say YES to the changes you are making in me.



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